Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two more challenges completed

Today was about a blah day. It rained all night last night - more rain than Ike produced and we experienced some more leaking but with buckets in place and not much wind to speak of we left it be. I certainly didn't want him on the slick roof. So, I spent the day soaking up more water since some of the towels dried out; they are asking people to conserve water so I'm holding off on any laundry not really knowing if that means our area or not. We never lost water and we're not on city water but I'd hate to be wrong and using it up. Duncan spent the day helping friends and family put back up their fences. Some of our friends are still without power; we'll see what tomorrow holds with regard to the office. My FIL is headed in to let us know the situation but I'm staying here to deal with the adjuster.

On to the layouts; nothing spectacular but I can't even think at this point let alone be overly creative. I slept most of the evening waiting for my migraine to pass.

You are my sunshine Kaylie Tyne I did this morning before the clean-up; challenge was to use your oldest paper. I used the yellow half of a Kit N Kaboodles kit from May 2004:

Challenge #7 completed just now was to use a punch and is the right side to an earlier challenge.