Friday, October 05, 2007

Musical Scrapping anyone?

A friend of ours made the best game suggestion for the retreat - Musical Scrapping. Everyone puts together a kit with photos and each participant gets 5 SHORT minutes with your layout. I chose some skiing pics from over 5 years ago that I never could get motivated to scrap. I felt bad that I threw in very few embellishments but look how nice it turned out:

I noticed someone else's brads were used b/c I forgot to even include any with my snowflakes!! Thanks Yvette! I think they were hers anyhow...

Blast from the past!

I was moving some photos around just now - a little computer housekeeping if you will and I found a this old pic:

I made this for a swap I was in with people from other countries...there was some criteria you had to meet and one was a handmade embellishment. I took a page protector and cut out the bottle shape, placed the sticker inside and sealed it. I cut the "stopper" from some cork I had and made the label from paper and a monogram sticker. Not too shabby for only 2 years into scrapping if I do say so myself!!!