Friday, December 28, 2007

Was I born wth a lost animal beacon...

that activated when we bought our home??? I counted up 12 animals since we bought our house four years ago. And that's only the ones I could catch. I'm sure that number would double had I got my hands on those little buggers! Friday night on my way home I picked up a beautiful husky. She had tags (I hollered as I hung up on my husband while he hollered no!!!) and oddly enough when I stopped in the median to get the number off her tag, a lady pulled up next to me that had seen a sign posted by her owner's that had been there for three months. Apparently the dog gets out all the time which irritated me to no end but I offered my chicken wire suggestion...what else can you do? Sunday, I noticed my husband had Chorniy outside with him. Next thing I know, he's inside and I don't know where she is....I see a doggie behind through the window in our neighbor's drive. Turns out it wasn't was this sweet thing:

She is the sweetest thing! Duncan walked her around the hood and of course no one claimed or recognized her. I took her to a local vet Wednesday to see if she had a luck there either. I took some photos over the holiday and made some signs to post. I secretly hope she has no home but with two large dogs already I know better. I can't begin to explain what a doll she is...she's taken to sleeping in our bed (which we have NEVER let any of our dogs do so that tells you a lot there) and she groans....for a long time....many times during the night. I'm not talking the normal stretch I gotta make some noise groan. It's a long drawn out, from the gut, I could not be any more comfortable groan. In the mornings, the alarm scares here she snuggles up to me and I love on her...she cries, whimpers, moans and groans like she's never even had any attention paid to her at all. The thought breaks my heart....and Chorniy...she acts as though the puppy was her Christmas present. She dotes on her and plays with her non stop. What ever are we to do?


Lisa aka Spikesmom said...

Keep that sweet baby!!