Friday, January 04, 2008

How sweet it is!

A New Year and a new plan. A plan of organization I was able to start before the 1st and I really pray I can continue. Last night I got all the cards finished for my grandmother's stash. She was in major need of birthday cards so I have been making a ton of those lately. I didn't take photos of all hers but I have similar ones at home that I plan to post. I also completed the last few pages in her book that my mom was unable to finish before they had to leave to come here for Thanksgiving. I feel bad I'm just now mailing her Christmas gifts but in all fairness we weren't sure if she was coming down here or not and with all the holiday happenings I can't do it all!

Over the weekend I managed to finally get all my kits into my new scrap area. I need a few more of those 12 x 12 holders. It's so hard to sort everything. Not all my embellishments fit in my scrap rack, ribbon is everywhere, I have kits with embellishments, paper I've put together with CS, lines of paper with no CS, card kits, paper I want to make cards out of, kit scraps to use on cards, LO scraps to use when I journal. It's a do you organize all that??? I think the key is to get as much as I can made into kits - I seem to work better that way. I really need some of those nice paper holders though. The 2 gal ziplocs are almost too big. I guess I'm frustrated that I buy all this cute stuff and I never seem to use it. So that's my answer....make kits. Then I think having all this "stuff" really isn't doing me any good. I almost want to get to a point that I buy only for what I need....but I'm not really sure how I'd get to that point. That would mean I'd need to completely stop buying and use what I have....I've really tried to do that but not completely. I still buy here and there but I have gotten better. At least I like to think so :)