Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's official - the shelves are hung and the product has been moved...I have a new craft space!!! I bought the few remaining baskets last night at Wal-mart if you can believe it - they had cute ones for $3 to $7 that fit my needs perfectly...I actually bought 4 too many but I can always return them. Hubby installed a new fan with better lighting though two of the bulbs that came with the fan were already burnt out so I'm not working with much light - hence, no pics. I managed to get the majority of what I need moved into the new space however all my kits, scraps, magazines and such will have to stay in the closet. The next desk I get will hopefully be more accommodating with respect to those things. There is still much for sure want to more shelves to balance the wall, bit of re-arranging to do, finishing touches, curtain to hang, cornice board to make, pics to print before it is complete but lucky me - Mom is coming to stay with me for a few weeks before heading back to Mockba. I'll take all the advice she has to offer.

Since I have no pics to show I leave you with our Olympic Brick in the Salt Lake City Gateway Plaza- in honour of my new guilty pleasure - Big Love...I hate to admit that I like to watch that show but since I lived there and saw it first hand I can't help it!!


Lisa aka Spikesmom said...

Love the brick and congrats on finishing up your scrap room! I can't wait to see!