Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Here I am...

I've gotten away from posting on my yahoo group or any other group for that matter so I thought I'd try a blog instead.

This week I've been busy moving out of my crafting closet:

and into what used to be our tv room upstairs. Here's hoping hubby will hang my IKEA Lack shelves tonight so I can make it official. It's been quite an undertaking but very worthwhile - not just for the obvious benefit of having a space for all my projects but it has forced me to clean out and condense files since the file cabinet is no more - my mom will be happy. She always said I should hide it in a closet but I barely did my filing as it was - shoving it in a closet would only delay the process. Now I have cute baskets that hold them and I scored them at Michael's for 50% off thanks to Karen C. So in short my move has many benefits - I won't go into them all but let's just say I'm a happy girl!!
With any luck (a term I use for lack of a better word) I will be posting pictures of my new space tomorrow.


Lisa aka Spikesmom said...

Welcome to blogging! I'm your first post!! :-)