Monday, August 27, 2007

So I had a bummer moment this morning....

I had to meet a subcontractor this morning so I took a different route to the bank. I stopped to get a drink on the way and as I pulled out of the drive through there were some donation containers and just to the side someone had left a couch. I noticed it b/c it really bothers me that people put furniture outside in the rain to ruin. I know - maybe it wasn't all that to begin with but for someone who has no couch it's something. A sheet and some throw pillows from the $1 store is better than nothing. Bust out the staple gun, nails - whatever. So if you didn't get it already...drives me bonkers that furniture in decent shape gets left out in the elements to become even more damaged. Getting to the point..there was a man sleeping on the couch. I assume he was sleeping. I felt like I was in a movie. My heart ached to drive on past and even more so that I didn't know what I should do. I know what I could have done...there are tons of things I could have done. His left shoe was off and his foot was bandaged. Not assuming anything about that person I still have my safety to consider. I don't want to put myself in harms way however - when do you make the decision to put aside your own safety on the off chance you could help someone as small as that help might be? I didn't have any cash, I suppose I should have gone through the drive through and bought a meal but what if I startled him. I was in such a daze...I literally felt like I was in a movie scene - you know the kind of scene that is shot as if you are in the car with the actors and you "feel" the movement of the terrain, music was playing in the background. So I'm irritated at myself...for not knowing what to do. I've always felt that the Lord leads you in all situations and there are times when I feel led to help, others I don't....I'm okay with that. The times when I'm unsure are what bother me most. It's raining now and I think about the man and the couch...


S said...

Hi Nicole~
I have the same feeling almost every time I pass by someone who appears to need help like that. My hubby works in Minneapolis and there are people standing at intersections with signs for food, change, etc. almost daily. So many things come to mind to share, but #1 is that you are not alone in your struggle to know what's the right action. And your not the first to be shocked into inaction.

Very best wishes,